Yoga at Focus Fitness


As soon as you enter FOCUS, you immediately feel welcomed. It’s a warm, loving and nurturing environment. There’s a positive energy that can only be appreciated by experiencing it firsthand. It’s a joyful community filled with people who support and uplift each other. Lasting relationships and friendships are made. Lives are transformed.



At FOCUS Fitness, we embrace many yoga styles, from heated power-flows, to healing restorative classes. We offer yin & alignment-based yoga, hybrid spin & yoga dual-sessions as well as a class geared specifically for Cancer patients & survivors. There are so many different styles, we simply offer something for everyone

Vinyasa 1 (V1): A slow-paced asana practice with a mellow, breath-centered flow that is suitable for all levels & beginners. The room will not be heated, and will remain at a comfortable room temp. Most V1 classes are an hour long. 

Vinyasa 2 (V2): A moderately-paced asana practice that is suitable for beginners, with options for more advanced poses. You'll have the chance to start learning basic arm balances, basic inversions. This class is heated based on the teacher's preference. Suitable for all levels. Can also be labeled as Power or Hot. 

Vinyasa 3(V3): A Faster Flow designed to build heat with a more dynamic and challenging asana sequence, with opportunities to arm balance, invert and explore deeper backbends. V3 is a vinyasa practice that tends to be more fitness based and may include conditioning movements to increase stamina and core stability. Bring a towel!

Alignment 26: The Alignment class is based on the Hatha principles of alignment. This class is stationary (NO VINYASA FLOW) and will help improve functional strength, balance, coordination and flexibility. The class sequence includes standing poses, balancing poses, twists, backbends, forward bends and core strengthening exercises. We have removed all chaturangas (push-ups) from the class, which makes it shoulder injury friendly and just a great consistent class for all levels!

Ashtanga: The dymanic physically demanding practice synchronizes breath and movement to produce internal heat designed to purify the body.  Prepare to sweat and strengthen the core as you move briskly through a set of sequences connected with many vinyasa. 

Baptiste: A combination of vigorous flowing, heated asana, meditation and active self-inquiry. Baptiste yoga is designed to condition the whole body while encouraging students to step into their full potential. 

Kundalini: Kundalini yoga, is described as the yoga of awareness. It is known to be a expedited and effective tool to clear your mind, energize your body, and uplift your spirit. Kundalini yoga classes use rhythmic movements in conjunction with deep stretches, breathing techniques, meditation, and mantras.


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