FOCUS Training Studio

Not only will we continue to provide you with the best Yoga & Spin experiences on the Main Line, but we also offer group Strength & Conditioning workouts several times per day.  The Strength & Conditioning Studio at FOCUS will provide small group training of up to 25 individuals with daily full-body interval format, metabolic workout all under 60 minutes.  Interval training boosts your metabolism by working in short, fast bursts of energy that leaves your body burning fat all day long.  Now, FOCUS members can receive full body workouts with our Strength & Conditioning Studio while still having access to Yoga & Spinning - the true triple threat for a Complete Fitness Cross Training Experience. 

Our proven trainers are here to guide you with their expertise while you work every part of your body.  Between all of our top-notch offerings available, your fitness will be brought to the next level.  Fitness has optimum results when it's done with all components such as Strength, Conditioning, Cardio and Stretching.  Here at FOCUS, we provide you with our locally owned business, our strong network of friends and community to ensure that you get the fitness results you desire.  Our FOCUS Family and group camaraderie will keep your fitness on track, leaving you wanting to come back for more! FOCUS will also have a dedicated space for KIDS to hang in Studio K while parents workout. 

Members receive preferences for daily workout times. If space allows, drops-ins will be accepted in the new training studio.

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FOCUS Training Studio