Take a trip through the decades with your FAVORITE FOCUS instructors and their picks from different decades and genres through the years. Each teacher during the week of Sunday July 16th to Saturday July 23rd will have a playlist of their choice. Enjoy the tunes while striving for the ultimate fitness experieince here at FOCUS. 

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Abbie: Summertime HITS through the years
Courtney L Morris:  Movies  Songs
Jane: Michael & Madonna
Jackie Cox: 2000’s
John: A little bit of everything in Training Studio
Kim Hepp: Early 2000's with a mix of 80's
Lisa: 70's Rock, Groves & Hills
Laura: Ladies of the Millennium - Brittany, Missy Elliot, Christina, JLo
Lawrence: 80's mix pop & rock favorites
Ray Jones: 80's Favorites
Sandy: Flashback 80's & 90's hip hop throwbacks