Pre/Post Natal

There’s no doubt about it: Everything changes when you have a child: Your daily routine, your idea of free time, your schedule. What it comes down to is that your entire life changes when you have a child. And that applies to moms who are having their second, third, or fourth! It never gets to be less of a challenge.

But ask any mom the most noticeable change post-pregnancy and they’ll tell you: baby weight! Yes, no matter what your shape pre-pregnancy, fighting off baby weight is a challenge we all have to contend with and just start to feel like yourself again. 

However, now things are different! If you’re a mom, you have a new resource available for you: Born to Burpee: A Mom Fitness Program ( formally Stroller Sessions)! What is Born to Burpee? We are the premier Main Line Mom’s Fitness Programs. 

At every 45-minute workout, we offer interval training specifically designed for mothers. Our workouts will help you melt off that baby weight and get you back in shape in no time at all. Your friends and coworkers might not even realize you recently had a baby!

The best part of our Born to Burpee workouts are that all of our moms are encouraged to bring their little ones of all ages. Whether they need to stay in the stroller or want to come and join you on the mat, we’re a welcoming fitness session that embraces our children in a relaxed, friendly environment!

We meet twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays outside the Grange Park in Havertown. Click here to join our private group page to stay in the know on all things BTB Moms Only! 




At Focus Fitness we offer Prenatal Yoga to provide a supportive environment for women to nurture their bodies throughout each trimester. Classes are dynamically crafted to improve flexibility and strength and to promote deep breathing (essential once it's time to give birth!). Most importantly, prenatal practice at Focus Fitness is carefully designed to nourish the mother-to-be on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, allowing space for physical challenge and relaxation, peace and ease during this exciting time.  PreNatal Yoga is offer Mondays at 6pm. 


  • Improves endurance and strength while relaxing tight muscles
  • Enhances lung capacity for deeper breathing
  • Prepares the pelvic muscles for future use
  • Reduces stress
  • Maintains a fit physique throughout pregnancy which allows for an easier return to your natural shape post birth
  • Improve circulation & Aid digestion


This class is intentionally designed for the specific needs during pregnancy. Within the hour we enter an inner space of calm, peace and ease, as we strengthen the uterus and pelvic muscles, improve circulation, enhance digestive function, exercise the spine and increase overall comfort. We allow for moderate physical challenge, without asking too much from an ever-changing pregnant body. This class is best for those who practice moderately or those seeking a lighter practice during pregnancy. 

NOW OFFERING PRENATAL Massage at FOCUS with Killian. Click Here to learn more on how to schedule an appointment and receive 20% off your first massage. 

Already thinking about how you’re going to lose the baby weight? Check out our Post Partum workouts with Born to Burpee – a workout series designed specifically to bring mothers back into their pre pregnancy shape, in a fun, supportive, effective environment. And the best part of this unique approach is that mothers are encouraged to bring their little ones along for the 45-minute session.


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