Massage is a powerful tool for relieving stress and promoting detoxification and relaxation. In addition to feeling good, massage helps improve flexibility, encourages healthy sleep patterns and can be transformative for those dealing with injury and recovery. Each session can enhance posture, improve mood, ease anxiety and create a new sense of awareness and serenity in the body. For a full list of benefits continue to the bottom of the page.  Email to book a massage with us. 

Meet our massage therapists!
Killian is a licensed massage therapist who has been practicing for over 4 years. She discovered an interest in natural health and massage after suffering a traumatic accident that left her looking for a route to heal. She completed her training at the Cortiva Institute and has a practice that centers on the following types of massage: Sports, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular-trigger point therapy, Pre-natal, Post-natal, and Infant. 

 Kara Barnett is a Reiki Master.  For the past six years she has partnered with Karen Gagnier, incorporating Reiki healing with the Repose Class: Living Beyond Breast Cancer offered at Focus Fitness.   Kara's desire is to assist the human spirit on a journey to attain balance, peace and harmony through compassionate Reiki healing.  Kara is dedicated to the “Universal Life Force” and to ALL of the divine beings that cross her path.  Reiki is both a universal life force energy and the technique by which one accesses and uses that energy to balance others.

Benefits of Massage Therapy:

Reduces levels of stress and anxiety, Relieves muscle aches,  joint pains, and inflammation, Relives nerve compression or entrapment, Promotes healthy sleep, Improves circulation, Improves flexibility and range of motion, Enhances post-operative rehabilitation, Improves rehabilitation after injury

Benefits of Pre Natal Massage:

Reduces swelling, Relieves aches and pains (joints, muscles, sciatic nerve, etc.), Reduces depression and anxiety, Helps mommies-to-be sleep better, Increases oxygenation in the soft tissues and muscles, Improves labor outcomes. 20% off all Massage booked with Killian for your first time.

Benefits of Post Natal Massage: 

Restores your body, Eases aches and pains, Supports you through emotional adjustments by
nurturing and relaxing the body.

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