How long are Bikram classes?

Bikram classes are 90 minutes.  We start on time so please arrive a little early. Doors open 30 minutes before class. Showers and a changing area are available for you to freshen up after your yoga practice.

New to Yoga?

Bikram classes are for all levels. Anyone can do Bikram Yoga. Its equally challenging to beginners and more advance students. It appeals to men and women of all fitness levels. No prior experience is necessary and our Bikram certified instructors will help you advance at you own pace. See our First Timers section for more info.

Why the heat?

The recommended temperature is 105 degrees Fahrenheit and 40% humidity. The hot box is kept at this temperature for the following reasons:

  • Heat warms and protects the muscles to allow for deeper stretching in a shorter amount of time, seeing results faster
  • Heat takes the trauma out of stretching, heals and helps prevent injuries.
  • Heat detoxifies the body (opens pores to let toxins out) giving you a wonderful glow from head to toe.
  • Heat thins the blood to clear the circulatory system
  • Heat increases your heart rate for better cardiovascular workout
  • Heat improves strength by putting muscle tissue in an optimal state for reorganization
  • Heat reorganizes the lipids (fat) in the muscular structure
  • Heat keeps the body from overheating (contrary to popular misconception)

* We use special UV-filtered, clean air for our heat.

What should I bring with me to class?

You should bring plenty of bottled water. For your convenience we sell Smart water, Zico coconut water and bai. Bring a yoga mat, bath towel and hand towel. It is recommended to bring dry clothes to change into after class. Showers, lockers and changing areas are located in the studio for your use.

What should I wear to class?

You will be sweating! Clothing that is close fitting, breathable and lightweight is more comfortable. Men: bathing suits or shorts. Women: shorts with tank tops or sports bras, leotards or bathing suits.

I felt nauseous and a bit dizzy during class and very tired after. Is this normal?

What should I do about it? It is not unusual to feel nauseous or dizzy during your first class. Practicing yoga in a heated room reveals to us our present condition and inspires us to take much better care of ourselves. Usually the problem is that we do not drink enough water for daily living, let alone for exercising in a heated room.

Nutritionists tell us that we need 64-80 ounces of water a day to help the body function properly. If you feel disoriented or like you need a good nap after your first few classes, this is likely because your body has begun to cleanse itself as a result of the yoga practice. Don’t be scared. After the first few classes this sensation will pass. The more you can relax as you give your full effort during class, the more energized you will feel throughout the class and throughout the rest of your day.

What if I’m not flexible?

This is the most common misconception that prevents people from coming to a yoga class. However, yoga is not about how flexible you are. All that matters is that you try the right way and find your personal “edge,” and you will get 100% of the benefit! No matter what your level of fitness, you will find our yoga very challenging.

With persistence, patience and dedication, you can lose inches and develop muscle tone and strength that might never come from other forms of exercise. Yoga is not about how flexible you are. It is about stretching your body and spine in all directions. No matter how old or sick or out of shape, you can still stretch and have a new beginning with yoga. It’s never too late.

How many times a week should I practice? 

It is recommended to practice no less than 10 times a month to get the most benefit from Bikram yoga. Unlike weight lifting or other forms of exercise, it is not necessary to take a “resting” day. The more you practice, the more benefit you get.

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