Are you a beginner or just starting to get back into the exercise routine? Well, do not fear, Focus Fitness has your BACK! Do you want to take a class that may make it a little easier to get back into the swing of things? There are a variety of classes that are perfect for beginner’s, at least one each day of the week with the following classes: 

  • Monday at 9:30am Yoga Depth and Grace with Sati Rose 
  • Tuesday 6pm YOGA Stretch with Richard 
  • Wednesday 12noon Yin-Yasa with Abbie 
  • Wednesday 6pm YOGA Flow with Amy 
  • Thursday 6pm YOGA Alignment with Sonya 
  • Saturday 10am YOGA Alignment with Sonya 
  •  Sunday 10am YOGA Flow with Amy G
  • Sunday 11:15am Gentle Stretch with Chelsea
  • Sunday 5pm Candle-lit with Colleen 

*All classes listed above would be great for PreNatal, expecting moms as well. 

Don’t make excuses! Make moves! Focus Fitness is here to help, beginner’s APPROPRIATE classes offered every day of the week with various times of the day.  You can do it! Stay FOCUSED! Stay FIT!

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