It’s that time, lightness is in the air and trees are beginning to bloom as the warmth of spring graces us with her welcoming effervescence. The anticipation of new life surrounds and fills us. And many of us are ready for a fun frolic and an upgrade or two! 

And it’s a perfect time for new beginnings, for shedding that which no longer serves, perhaps discarding something taken into contemplation throughout the colder months. It’s a time of fertility, not only of the earth, but also of the heart, soul and mind. It is for this reason that spring invites the birth of new ideas and endeavors. 

This season is rigged in our favor. Desire and ambition are amplified, as are our powers of manifestation. The soils are rich, the sun is gleaning heat and showers are awaiting to make our visions grow from consciousness seedlings to full-fledged reality. Now is the perfect opportunity to ask your world for exactly what it is that you want. 

If you’re considering taking on a more ambitious project at work or are eager to experience a more intimate love with your partner (or hoping to find a partner!) or if you’re thinking of chopping off your locks and upgrading your wardrobe, now is the time to acknowledge your desires and welcome them into your daily existence. Embrace this cosmic catalyst to release old ideas and attract new realities and to effortlessly step into the next highest version of yourself. 


Blog Post by Sarah Campbell