At Focus we are super passionate about fitness. We believe emphatically that carving out time to sweat, burn and breath deep has a profoundly significant effect on our experience of daily life. And our interest extends beyond superficial concerns. Sure, we often aim toward more definition and less softness, but we also look forward to the benefits that extend past our workout period and into the remainder of the day. 

We love feeling accomplished and proud after dabbling it out on the mat, or daring to go just a little bit further on the bike. And we love that feeling of pushing past our limits, perfecting a balance or an inversion that once appeared impossible, or finding ease in climbing a hill that before would have left us near tears. We love the shattering of limits that we can carry from the studio to the rest of our world. We learn to be more daring, as we grapple with our physical limitation, more trusting as we work with the body instead of against it, and more grateful as we show up time and again in an effort to practice, improve, and LET GO!!


Author Sarah Campbell