We’re halfway through January and gyms are buzzing, Whole Foods and natural health food stores are packed and tons of us are bent on making health a priority for 2016.  The air is filled with new intentions and we at Focus want to help you make your dreams a reality this year. We’ve put together a list of 3 grounding principles to promote healthy living. 

Lifestyle over dieting: A diet is temporary and often damn near impossible to follow as a result! A whole food, plant-passionate diet provides a sufficient foundation of any health program. This doesn’t mean you have to subscribe to a food identity like vegan or paleo, or that you have to go off bread or gluten entirely, only that the core of most meals will be plant-based. If the bulk of what you’re eating comes from the outer aisles of the grocery store, then you are covered! If you stray from time to time, don’t worry. Just return to your foundational foods quickly.   
Activity’s where it’s at: Keeping active is key to staying healthy and happy! Regular movement improves circulation, enhances digestion, increases energy and stamina and makes us happier overall (hello endorphins!) At Focus we offer a variety of classes to keep working out fun. If you’re feeling unmotivated, opt for trying a new class or pair up with exercise buddies whom you know will meet you for yoga or spinning a few times a week. 
Mindset is Key: Setting ourselves up for success is as much about the power of intention (i.e. our FOCUS) as it is about buying class cards and loading the fridge with veggies. It’s easy to slip into the drill-sergeant self-talk of “you better spin this many times a week,” or “chocolate is for fatties,” or whatever tough love inner dialogue you have going. In reality, many of us respond better to positive reinforcement as opposed to negative conditioning. If you struggle to stick with your commitment to a healthier 2016, examining your thought life might prove to be helpful! It may be time to shed dogmatic or self-defeatist beliefs that are no longer needed. Remember that at the root of our desire to be healthy is often the desire to feel good and ultimately to experience self-acceptance and love. Even when we think all we want is a firmer belly or more toned arms, what we really are seeking is to feel happy, safe and proud in our own skin, all of which can be experienced when we acknowledge our innate self-worth.  


Blog Post by Sarah Campbell