Focus Fitness is dedicated to helping you feel welcome and comfortable while riding with us. Our instructors want to get you accustomed to riding with tension so you can reach your long term fitness goals. We personally help set you up on your bike and continue to help you as long as you need it. Our black lighting turns your focus inward, allowing you to solely focus on yourself. The room exudes energy and you will feel completely motivated from start to finish! With our brand NEW Spinner RIDE Bikes, your experience is smooth allowing you to be in complete control. 

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On April 22nd, FOCUS is hosting a Level 1, Spinning Instructor Training. This comprehensive workshop will give you all the tools you need to become a certified Spinning instructor and lead your own classes, after taking the online assessments. For More Information and to register, CLICK HERE. FOCUS has a few remain slots to purchase at a discount price that also include 5 FREE Spin Classes at FOCUS prior to the training. 

Enter to WIN a Certification by posting a short VIDEO on Facebook & Instagram featuring your LOVE FOR SPIN and What motivates you to SPIN. Don't forget to tag FOCUS Fitness Main Line with #spinatfocus #pickme for your chance to win. Also email your contact information to info@focusfitnessml.com. For more details, please click here. 



  1. Burn Calories & Improve Cardiovascular Health while toning the whole body especially legs & core. 
  2. Progress at your own pace while having fun in a supportive, non judgemental GroupEx setting!
  3. Very effective and a low impact workout, with no traumatic impact on joints
  4. Find your breaking point & work through it to get the natural endorphin kick! 
  5. Build your mental strength by learning to push yourself a little harder each time you ride. 

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