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STRENGTH & Surrender

FOCUS Fitness Main Line™ is a boutique Yoga, Spinning, and Conditioning studio servicing Philadelphia’s Main Line for nearly a decade. Our dynamic classes offered in three disciplines create a workout that benefits mind, body and soul. Welcome to a space that truly supports & motivates. 


Fitness is not one-size-fits-all

That's why we offer something for all fitness levels, from beginners to seasoned athletes. Newcomers will enjoy working out at their own pace, in a warm, inviting, non-competitive environment. Seasoned athletes will get a challenging physical and mental workout enabling them to progress past ruts & plateaus. Workouts are expertly taught, leaving you feeling strong, refreshed and ready to tackle life’s next challenge.


New To Focus Fitness?

2 weeks of all access Studio Pass for $39

14 classes for $39!


Join us in the new HOT room!
With over 15 weekly HOT26 classes now available at FOCUS Fitness Main Line