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What's In a word?


Historically the word "focus" has held several meanings. Its latin origin translated to fireplace, or hearth. It was a term for gathering, family, and warmth. Later the the term, evolved by the mathematician Kepler, to mean "point of convergence" referencing the optical burning point of a lense.

What it has always meant, at its heart is: center of activity, energy & warmth.

We take the history of the word to heart, and strive to offer our community a central gathering point for people to create heat, warmth, change & light with accessible, challenging yet welcoming yoga & fitness classes. Getting, and staying healthy takes a village. It takes support, diversity and inspiration. It takes focus.


Meet the faces behind Focus Fitness!


Meet Abbie Chowansky

Abbie and her husband Mike are the proud new owners of FOCUS Fitness and are dedicated to preserving the vision and integrity of the FOCUS community. Abbie & Mike are devoted to bringing exceptional quality community-centered fitness programming. 

As dedicated small independent business owners, and the parents of two energetic young children, Abbie & Mike are committed to creating a safe, friendly environment for people to come in, unwind, get a good sweat, and leave feeling better.

We want everyone who walks through our doors to feel welcome. Your experience is our first priority. We want FFML to be your home away from home, your respite. Come here to refuel, take care of your body & mind so you can return to your life energized, and ready to live more fully.
— Abbie & Mike

In addition to teaching an athletic and conditioning vinyasa yoga, Abbie also teaches High Intensity Interval training with bodyweight movements in boot camp formats, Spin and TRX. She is also the founder of Born to Burpee: A Fitness Program for Moms and a mom focused event group called The “M” List. Mike is a fitness enthusiast and events & operations maverick. Together, with their unique skills & shared vision they make the perfect team.

Please feel free to ask Abbie & Mike questions, make suggestions, share an experience or just connect!

Our door is always open, We want to hear from you!